How do I get started developing a recruiting program?
The first step is to meet with one of our representatives to accurately assess your needs. Landmark will then develop a program to meet those specific needs. Our company prides itself on developing programs specific to our clients. By keeping the lines of communication open, Landmark is able to adapt to the continually changing business world.

What types of candidates do I need to make my organization successful?
The best way to actively pursue successful candidates is to mirror those that are already successful. We do this by interviewing top performers, and poor performers alike. This practice helps target key attributes for success.

How do I differentiate between recruiting firms?
The best idea is to choose a firm that best meets the needs and has the ability to represent your organization as accurately as possible. Our belief is that recruiting firms are more successful when they devote personalized attention to their clients. Landmark does not consider its recruiters as “head-hunters”, we are an extension of a companies staffing function.

How can I trust another company to find me the right sales people?
Being an extension of a company means dedication, our employees devote 100% to their clients. We stress knowing our clients and building relationships with them, which entails both company and industry research. By building long-term relationships our clients can trust we will find them the right person.

How does Landmark find its candidates?
Our belief is that the best candidates are passive candidates…people who are successful and happy where they are. Our job is to target those candidates and sell them on an opportunity for a better position, better salary, better environment, more growth opportunity, etc. Landmark does this by industry searches, cold calling, and internet searches. We use these tools to find our clients candidates that are out to get a “career” not a “job”.

It is the policy of Landmark Recruiting that there shall be no discrimination in any employment practice against any qualified employee or applicant for employment because of his or her protected group status, including race, color, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family care status, medical condition, ancestry, physical or mental disability, or status as a veteran with disabilities, or other eligible veteran. This policy covers all aspects of employment.

What happens if a candidate from Landmark doesn’t work out?
Landmark offers a replacement guarantee with each search it does. This search is predetermined based on the complexity of the search and expected turnover. We offer these guarantees to show that we are committed to find the right candidate, and not just to fill an open job.